Thursday, July 9, 2009

"A good meal ought to begin with hunger." 
French Proverb


Lucien said...

Gulp and double gulp

Salacious Soul said...

Fuck yea! Check out the last pic of the guy in the red shirt! He's got a mouthful...

glen_mc said...

A feast for the eyes and the mouth!

Daddy's boy said...

You bet guys, we boys always approach a substantial meal with great hunger.

SizingUp said...

Great post as usual, man. That third pic is an amateur, Baydeepthroater, who specializes in swallowing big dicks. (More info here

Anonymous said...

Dennis, there is a weeks worth of vitamins in just one cock. The fourth guy is a little deficient and must regain his strength. Overall these guys are in good health.


Daddy's boy said...

Yes, Doctor Denis. And what about me? Am I a little deficient too? What do you prescribe?

Anonymous said...

Yes you are a little deficient and there is a cure.
1- Call Dr. D and make sure there's a bevy on ice. 1-800-BIG HOGG.
2- Once the Dr. arrives both will disrobe and be kneeling on your new Dr Scholl's gel pads.
3- Open wide to receive the Dr.'s
hard and juicy.
4- Insert your finger in the Dr.s anus and massage the prostrate.
5- Thrusting, jacking, licking tender nibbles on the glans all help to bring forth the nectar.
6- When the Dr. shouts " OH FUCK "
the potion is ready.
7- Now receive the vitamin formula in the yap, as this is the only way to benefit from the milky formula.
8- Now take the bevy on ice and both of you can celebrate after having an injection of the Doctors very special sticky sweet and salty vitamin formula.
After all Dennis, It is a very simple method of getting the Doctors very best.
P.S. There is no charge for you Dennis as Dr. D thinks the world of you.

Daddy's boy said...

Dr. D, please hurry! After reading your method of treating my deficiency, I am feeling weaker and very horny. I need you to make a house call fast. Not sure how long I can hold out.
P.S. Bevy's on ice and knee pads are ready!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are charged up with Dr. D's method of innoculation. Satisfaction of the participants is the Dr.s' sole objective.

Daddy's boy said...

Dr. D, will my insurance pay for this inoculation or do I have to shell out myself?